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Garden Design

We specialize in the design of elegant outdoor spaces. We combine natural beauty with function and sustainability. We’ll work with you to create the outdoor space you want to help enhance the value of your home or business.

Hard Landscapes

Elegant driveways, walkways, retaining walls and patios can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.


We use a topiary ladder so that we can cut the highest hedges from a stable base.  If you don’t use a ladder like this you will not achieve a straight edge along the top of the hedge and the job will take much longer..

Our machines are all new and have sharp blades giving a clean cut.  Formal hedges are finished using shears.



The way you treat your hedges can make or break your garden.

A formal hedge should be dense and cut in straight lines and geometric shapes. Ideally they are A-framed (narrower at the top) so sunlight can reach the lower branches.

Formal hedges are typically slow to establish.

An informal hedge is less dense but has more variety as well as flowers and berries at different times of the year. They are quicker to establish and reach maturity.

All too often you see hedges that have died back at the base, with bulging sides, curves, dips and hollows. We hate to see this and want to put it right at every opportunity.

Where possible we don’t just cut hedges we shape them and provide a framework for a nice, dense hedge.



Grass is a plant and like all plants it needs water, nutrients, air and sunlight at appropriate levels.  When these variables are in balance you can get startlingly fast results.  Get it wrong and it can be very frustrating because progress and growth are slow.  As a member of the Institute of Groundsmanship I have learnt how to create and maintain beautiful lawns.

I have a passion for lawns and fine turf and would be happy to advise and work with you to get your lawns looking beautiful.

Soil Analysis

Your soil is crucial to the well-being of your plants, shrubs and trees.  The wrong plant in the wrong soil will not grow and develop as it should and in extreme cases may even die.  Soil analysis and pH testing are a very important part of the preparation when undertaking garden projects.  We use soil testing meters and also soil-testing kits that will identify your soil type, i.e. Sand, Silt or Clay but also the levels of acid present as this has a direct bearing on what plants will thrive in your soil.

Pest Elimination

The number of pest control methods available to garden enthusiasts is fast reducing and chemicals are now the least favourite method of reducing pest numbers.

As a professional company we have to make use of all available options


and this includes methods such as;

  • Companion planting
  • Nematodes for pests in the soil
  • Parasitic wasps for pests in the greenhouse
  • Ladybirds and Lacewing larvae for green and blackfly

The list is endless and as some are dependent on temperature and all are dependent on a colony of pests to predate the timing is crucial!

Results are consistently good and no chemicals are required at all.  If chemicals ARE necessary as a last resort then an experienced operator should be used to apply the chemicals at an appropriate rate and under appropriate conditions.




"Thanks for your hard work on the garden it really is beginning to look good and I especially like the front looking so good makes me feel so much better when I walk that way"


Liz Felstead, Arlington

"Thanks so much for a fab job in the garden yesterday.  It was great to come home to!"

Karen Illife, Five Ash Down

"My wife and I had got to the point where our garden was getting on top of us.  We found Steve to be both knowledgeable and very helpful.  The price was very reasonable and so we took him on to do the work.  The quality of the work was excellent I would have no hesitation in recommending Hellingly Garden Services to anyone in the future!"

Malcolm Smith, Buxted

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