A fancy name for a small flower!

This little plant is actually known by the slightly less glamorous name of “Great Masterwort” .   It is common to mountain meadows and woodlands making it an ideal plant for our beds and borders.  In the winter it is nothing more than a small green clump of leaves sitting low in a border but in June something lovely happens!

Great Masterwort!

Great Masterwort!

It grows several stems up to a height of 60cms on top of which are numerous clusters of small white flowers tinged with shades of red all the way through to the palest pink.  There are many varieties and each one brings something special and unique to the garden.


“Astrantia major ‘Star of Beauty’ J1” by Jamain

Little known fact:  Astrantias are mostly pollinated by beetles!

On the practical side the clumps can be divided easily at almost any time and it grows on quite happily when transplanted.  Also, after flowering you cut down the stems and it will reward you with another cluster of flowers.  With a flowering season from June to September you will have colour right through the summer.

If you feel like getting hold of a few of these plants they can be found at most Garden Centres but don’t overlook how easy they are to steal borrow from a friend or neighbour.  Just dig a clump up, divide into two or three pieces, replant two of them and keep one for your self!

Good luck!

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